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Ligne Bretagne October Pumpkin #2

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Meet the second Ligne Bretagne October Pumpkin! For the full backstory on this year's October pipe project, check out my pipe blog post HERE.

What you see above is the model pipe, the first one. When you click "Add to Cart" up above, each pipe of this style will be made to order, for each buyer, and buyers will receive specific photos of their own personal pipe for approval before shipping. With that in mind, I must stress that each of these pipes will involve a lot of individualized hand carving and detailing. That means they're going to vary, more so than a normal LB Classic. The dimensions will be consistent but expect slightly different facial details, subtle shifts of expression, etc... In short, every one of these is going to be its own unique pipe, even though they're ostensibly a "series". The thing I can guarantee is that they're all going to be wickedly cool.

The main point to reiterate from my blog post on these is that I'll only be making them for a limited time, from now to till sometime before Halloween. I want to have all the orders finished and shipped in time for everyone to have their pipes by Halloween, which means that there will come a point when I can't take any more new orders, because I've got the whole month booked up. How soon that will happen depends on the sales, so the best I can say is, if you want to get one, try to make your purchase early rather than waiting until the week before Halloween, for best chances.

As pipes, both of the Pumpkins are short-bowled, long-stemmed, light in weight, and lightly sandblasted. Beyond that, they differ in several aspects - This Pumpkin is a bit heavier and sturdier, with a slightly thicker bit better suited for clenching. The stem ring is cut from a rod of 1930's-era swirled vulcanite.

While both pipes are essentially the same thing, I wanted to try and vary their characters as much as possible, and also to offer them at different price levels commensurate with the amount of detailing labor that went in. Where Pumpkin #1 is focused on being sneakily sinister and more than a bit insectile in stem and shank treatment, this pipe carries smoothly tapering curve lines from bit down to the bowl, where the shank gradually dissolves into stretched tendons and exposed tissues. I confess I got a bit carried away with the carving on this design - The pumpkin's face is deeper and more detailed, with a stronger 3-dimensional aspect to the facial features, and the shank is positively reminiscent of some Talbert Halloween pieces in its twistedness. When I sat back and looked at my times on each, this one took a full 25% longer than Pumpkin #1, all of the extra time being in detail carving, and thus the difference in price. It's a tricky process, the combination of carving and sandblasting and sanding and smoothing that's required to create the organic stretched join of bowl and shank.

Happy Halloween!